Diet and Mental Health


Eating a healthy diet is also associated with a lowered risk of depression and anxiety. For example, those with greater depressive symptoms are more likely to have unhealthy dieting strategies (i.e., skipping meals) and poorer diet quality (i.e., eating a diet high in sugar, saturated fat, and sodium). In general, those with depressed mood tend towards eating fast food or foods that are sweet. However healthy diets, such as following a Mediterranean diet (i.e., a diet high in fruits, vegetables, and fish; lower consumption of meat), or eating whole foods (i.e., avoiding processed foods) may lower risk of depression. 


  • Try eating foods such as vegetables, fruits, wholegrain foods, fish, beef and lamb – these foods are suggested to help lower your risk of major depressive disorder.
  • If you are dieting, try to eat healthier foods rather than unhealthy habits like skipping meals or purging.

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