Just like physical illness, recovery and treatment are possible for mental illness. By being there for your friend, you are helping to support their wellbeing. You can help your friend both emotionally and practically. Check out the resources below to understand more about what's going on, learn what you can do to support your friend, and find relevant resources.  


Understanding mental health

What is mental health? Explore this section to learn the facts on mental illness.



             How to be supportive 

             Learn how to be supportive. 



What your loved one may be going through

Read and hear about the experiences of those with lived experiences in mental health. 



I'm looking for support

Part of supporting someone is making sure you're supported too. 



Resources on WalkAlong

WalkAlong has resources that might be helpful for your friend. 






Almost everyone is connected to someone who is going through, or has been through, their own mental health journey. Please share this page with others if you find it useful.