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Discrimination and misplaced stoicism: why older people's mental health gets overlooked

One in five elder people suffer from depression, however the focus on mental health is very much youth-oriented, and unconsciously negligant of the other demography mental health can affect. It has been also noted that elder people are less likely to report or seek help for... Read more

Young Vancouver filmmakers score award from New York mental health film festival

19 year old director, Max Blanche, produced a short film on the topic of mental health and has not only earned a spot on the 13th New York Mental Health Festival, but also won the Changing Mind Young Filmmaker competition. The Vancouver native, has combined his love and passion... Read more

Students are not fragile flowers – we must care about their mental health

"One in five Canadians – regardless of age, ethnicity or income level – will experience a significant mental-health condition at some point in their lives. Many more will be touched by mental illness through its effect on family, friends and co-workers." "Statistics Canada ... Read more

U of T to institute mental health leave

The University of Toronto is currently consulting the option to practice a mandated mental health leave. This policy has been in development since 2014-2015, and is designed for the administration to ensure the student's wellbeing as well as the university environment. Sandy... Read more

Duchess Kate wants kids to open up about their mental health

Dutchess Kate has been long known to be a passioante advocate for mental health. Appearing first time in a while, Dutchess Kate introduced a short animated film on mental health to help children feel comfortable expressing their feelings. She believes that ending the stigma is... Read more

NDP mental health ministry would pull resources from other departments

Reacting to the ineffective response to the nationwide opioid/overdose crisis, Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath is set to pull resources from existing ministries to form a new ministry of mental health and addiction. Horwath was blunt to express the severity and lack of... Read more