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Mental health support available for jurors in Saskatchewan

The Jury program for years have been an intimidating duty for the disturbing nature of a criminal, civil trial. Jurors would have to view gruesome photos and evidence of an horrific incident, but not much has been done to help those jurors to cope with the stress and trauma.... Read more

North/West Van schools are promoting mental health literacy.

Schools in North Vancouver and West Vancouver have implemented a mental health literacy course in its high school health class curriculum. These grade 9 students are among the first to formally bring the mental health talk to education admist the nationwide mental health crisis... Read more

Riverview Hospital site to see new centre for adults with mental health and addiction challenges

British Columbia Premier John Horgan has announced a new mental health centre at the Riverview Hospital in Coquitlam. This new facility, aimed to support adults with mental health and addiction challenges, will have 105 beds at a cost of $101 million dollars. After stalling to... Read more

Ex-Canucks star Kevin Bieksa shares touching fan message about mental health

Kevin Bieksa, a defensemen for the Canucks from 2005 to 2015, shared a touching message from a fan about mental health. Bieksa personally affected by Rick Rypien's death in 2011, has established to help others who may be going through the same struggle Rypien was... Read more

New West cop recognized as one of Canada’s mental health leaders

A New Westminister's cop, Const. Art Wlodyka, has been recently recognized as one of the 150 Canadians making a difference mental health. His passion and effort to make a difference in mental health started in 2013, when he pushed the creation for New Westminister Police... Read more

'One-stop shop' for youth mental health opens in Victoria

The new Victoria Foundry mental health centre is planned to open on thursday, with already 3,000 registered patients. Ran by the Victoria Youth Clinic, the mental health centre is taking both walk-in and referred patients from ages 12 to mid-twenties. It will be staffed by... Read more