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Coquitlam school district invests in kids' mental health

School districts, over the past few years, have become more aware of the stress and emotional componenets students deal with on a daily basis. There is an understanding that schools must recognize the stress and anxiety amongst students, but not much practical change has been... Read more

U of M Testing Virtual Mental Health Care for Rural Manitobans

The University of Manitoba is testing new ways to allow rural Manitobans to access mental health care. The ‘Virtual Care’ technology is currently a pilot project the U of M is implementing to bridge remote communication strategies and adults patients. Jennifer Hensel, the newly... Read more

Anonymous donor gives Centre for Addiction and Mental Health record $100M

Canada’s largest mental health hospital in Toronto has received a $100 million donation by an anonymous donor that will change the lives of millions of Canadians. This fund, the largest donation for mental health in Canadian history, will create the Discovery Fund to support... Read more

Taking away teen’s phone may not be the answer.

There has been a rising concern for social media platforms and its effect on mental health for teens. However, as counterintuitive as it may sound, simply taking away a teen’s phone is probably no the best thing to do. The use of social media and in large phones, may provide... Read more

Mental health support available for jurors in Saskatchewan

The Jury program for years have been an intimidating duty for the disturbing nature of a criminal, civil trial. Jurors would have to view gruesome photos and evidence of an horrific incident, but not much has been done to help those jurors to cope with the stress and trauma.... Read more

North/West Van schools are promoting mental health literacy.

Schools in North Vancouver and West Vancouver have implemented a mental health literacy course in its high school health class curriculum. These grade 9 students are among the first to formally bring the mental health talk to education admist the nationwide mental health crisis... Read more