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Free walk-in mental health clinic to open doors in Moncton Wednesday

The first free walk-in mental health clinic has just started its pilot project in Moncton, New Brunswick. Spearheaded by a local counsellor, Kristin Barnes, director of operations at the Canadian Mental Health Associate of New Brunswick, she wanted to provide free counselling... Read more

Edmonton photographer captures portraits of fellow mental-illness survivors

Blake Loates, an Edmonton photographer, was overwhelmed to see that over a 100 people reached out to her for the portrait series she was commisssioned by the Canadian Mental Health Association for Suicide Prevention week. Originally planned for 20 portraits, she couldn't turn... Read more

Mental health report results in $1.2 million in additional funding at UW

Student mental health has become a growing concern at post-secondary institutions across the country in the past few years. And many institutions are recognizing that mental heatlh services and initiatives cannot wait any longer. On March 12, University of Waterloo released a... Read more

YMCA launches teen program for mental health

The Mind Fit program, a research study started in 2015 by the Mood Disorders Association of BC and the Centre for Hip Health and Mobility, has been continously expanding its mental health program across the province. After seeing positive results with adult participants, the... Read more

Guelph teen who spoke with Prime Minister about mental health says budget doesn't go far enough

Noah Irvine, a Guelph teenage mental health and addictions advocate, spoke with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Health Minister Ginette Petipas Taylor to discuss about the federal budget and priority of mental health in the nation. Irvine, who has been personally affected by... Read more

Coquitlam school district invests in kids' mental health

School districts, over the past few years, have become more aware of the stress and emotional componenets students deal with on a daily basis. There is an understanding that schools must recognize the stress and anxiety amongst students, but not much practical change has been... Read more